Wedding Suite

Are you looking for somewhere different, a place to escape to, with an atmosphere that sets the tone for a very special evening? Our Wedding Suite welcomes you with rose petals and champagne.


Gourmet Arrangement

Hotel Heidelberger Hof in Partnership with the Heidelberg Castle

Escape the stress of your daily routine and enjoy a wonderful weekend in one of the most romantic cities in Germany. Experience moments of relaxation and culinary delights! The combination of an excellent hotel and a Michelin-starred restaurant form the perfect basis for this gourmet experience. The hotel ‘Heidelberger Hof’, centrally located in the heart of the city, and proprietor Martin Scharff, Michelin-star chef at the Heidelberg Castle have put together an irresistible arrangement for you.

Connoisseurs and gourmets worldwide appraise the boundless culinary selection that you will find at the Heidelberg Castle.

We offer the following arrangements:

Liselotte von der Pfalz